1. Sunday, October 8, 2017 - Monthly Congregational meeting (immediately following morning worship)

2. October 8-12, 2017 - 33rd Annual Arizona Lectureship, Theme: "The Holy Spirit: The Guarantor of Our Inheritance" (Daniel McDonald will attend)

3. Saturday, October 29, 2017 - Family Fun Day (Food, Games and Fellowship) Come Join the Fun!!  12:00 Noon


Brother McDonald is an evangelist, a defender of the faith, a veteran preacher, and a Prison minister.

Daniel was born in Gary, Indiana to Troy McDonald and Alma Butler in 1953. In 1965, he was baptized into Christ by the late Doris Pitts at the 12th and Linden Street Church of Christ. In 1972 Daniel went into the Army as a Military Policeman and Transportation Specialist.  In 1976, while preparing to be deployed to Panama, Daniel was encouraged by his uncle Evangelist Frank Butler Church of Christ Prison Ministry, to leave the military service and to begin God’s work in the prison ministry.   Daniel left the military in 1977 and Brother Frank Butler guided him and trained him for the prison ministry as well as preaching.   Daniel began immediately to preach, teach and evangelize in the Oakland Bay area.  Daniel also worked with the late Evangelist Jessie Walton at the North 8th street Church of Christ in San Jose, CA.  In 1987 Daniel moved to southern California and continued evangelizing, preaching and assisting various congregations in the Los Angeles area.  In 2010, Daniel met the late Abe Woodson of the Church of Christ Prison ministry of the State of Nevada in Las Vegas, who turned the ministry over to him.

His academic credentials include University of Phoenix MBA/Technology Management, University of Phoenix BS/Information Systems.  Evangelist Daniel McDonald has been preaching the gospel for forty (40) years.  Daniel is now serving as the Minister of the Desert Church of Christ in Pahrump, Nevada and overseeing the Church of Christ Prison ministry for the State of Nevada.

Bible Study Lessons

Sunday Morning Bible Study - Who Is the Angel of the Lord?

Sunday  Evening - 2 Peter 1:3-11 (Word Study)

Wednesday Midweek Bible Study - To be Announced

Tuesday Ladies Bible Study - John Hurt Bible Correspondence Course

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Desert Church of Christ

Evangelist Daniel McDonald, Minister